Now running group courses online on Zoom and YouTube with additional 1:1 support for Accessible yoga, Pregnancy yoga, Birth preparation, Baby massage, Baby Yoga and Post natal Yoga

Now taking bookings for September 2021 for Baby 

Massage, Baby Yoga and Post Natal 

yoga. Accessible yoga and pregnancy yoga is ongoing

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Accessible Yoga

First class is free then payment is minimal. Email me [email protected]  if you would like a joining form or more information.

Class Time: Fridays 3.30 on Zoom

Class Time: Wednesday 15th September 10 a.m. Bishops Park community centre for 5 weeks

Class Time: Tuesday 14th September 11 a.m. Puckeridge Community centre for 5 weeks

Suitable for anyone including:-

  • Seniors 
  • Those with mobility issues and or disabilities (option to remain seated throughout)
  • Anyone looking for a gentle class to tone, stretch, breathe and relax

What the class includes:-

  • 1.     Welcome at the start and time to get comfortable
  • 2.     Some breath work and time to prepare our minds for the class
  • 3.     Gentle stretches, toning and balances with
            modifications given
  • 4.     Relaxation
  • 5.     Time to stay and chat if you wish

Some of the many physiological and psychological benefits of yoga:-

·        Calms the nervous system and encourages deep breathing.

·        Improves circulation.

·        Reduces heart rate and blood pressure

·        Eases back pain

·        Improves balance

·        Decreases anxiety and depression

·        Strengthens and improves muscle and bone strength.

·        Contributes to better sleep

·        Improves range of motion and flexibility

·        Unifies body, mind and spirit

·        Reduces pain by teaching proper alignment of the body and

         using breathing and relaxation techniques to calm the nervous


  • A class is a great way to meet others

Baby Massage

The International Association of Infant Massage Training Programme is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives

Face to face- the 5 week course starts on:-

Bishops Stortford: Monday 13th September 11.30-13.00 spaces are filling up quickly

Bishops Stortford: Extra classes will be added on Wednesday once this one is full


All courses are 5 weeks long this term unless stated


What is covered on the baby massage course?

The course includes:-

  • Massage strokes for the feet, legs, tummies, back, face, chest, hands and arms, gentle movements
  • Massage instruction for wind, colic, constipation, sleeping, reflux, calming and teething
  • Techniques to help soothe, calm and understand crying
  • Bonding time
  • Relaxation techniques for you and your baby
  • Information on post natal recovery for you
  • Adapting strokes as the child gets older
  • How love including touch shapes a baby's brain
  • Songs and rhymes during the massage
  • Sensory toys (subject to COVID rules when face to face during topics) and informal chatting
  • Time to socialise
  • Refreshments (subject to COVID rules when face to face)
  • Complementary oils, course handouts

Price: £60 (includes massage pack, wipe clean massage board with all the strokes, and best quality massage oil). 

To enjoy the wonders of Chair yoga, pregnancy yoga, baby massage, baby yoga or post natal yoga and have fun, call today